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Our accessories for composites and fiberglass construction are tailor made to make shops more efficient. We offer plastic spreaders in a wide variety of sizes and materials. We offer several mixing tools to mix your materials efficiently. We offer handle extensions for hard to reach lamination work. After 35 years of experience in the composite industry, we know what you need.

DGS-025    DGE-025    COT-300


Mini Die      Angle Die  Cut Off

Grinder       Grinder      Tool

GCT-110   RC-89   SE400/500/600


Gel Time   Roller           Economy

                 Cleaner       Spreaders

ABS-601   SGF-025     CLG-026


Air Body      Disposable Laminating

Saw            Filter            Gauge  

MS28P MXZ400  SGH-314  End Line Oiler


Plastic  Steel Mixer    Spray Gun Holder