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De-molding Wedges

De-molding wedges to assist in part from mold separation. Standard white wedges for molds that have been in production. Flexible pink wedges for new molds or molds with curved edges. Medium Flex blue are for molds two to six months in age. Our best Green High Performance wedges for medium flex, but longer life. Air injected wedges for fast part separation and heavy duty for large fast separation.

Standard White Rigid Wedges
Production wedges for the separation of parts from established molds. Our most popular wedge material made with economical HDPE for long life. All wedges are re-grindable and protect molds from damage caused by wooden wedges.
Deluxe Blue Medium Flex Wedges
Medium flex wedges for the separation of parts for newer or molds with curved edges that rigid white wedges do not enhance efficient mold seperation. Blended material to increase life over standard, medium flex plastics
Standard Pink Flexible Wedges
Flexible pink wedges for the separation of parts from new molds. Perfect for new molds that are less than 6 months old which could be damaged by more rigid.
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High -Peformance Green Wedges
Our best wedge with a special blend of plastic that gives the medium flexablity for efficient usage in a wide variety of molds, but longer life than any other wedge. These wedges can last three times as long as standard wedges.
Deluxe White Rigid Wedges
High production wedges for the seperation of parts from established molds. Our longest life rigid wedge. Blended high density material is slightly softer than standard white but last longer and are less likely to crack from impact.